Tailored Hiring Strategies & Human Capital Models for organisations of any size.

We use our combined expertise and network in the Human Resources and Recruitment fields to form tailored hiring strategies, helping them onboard the right employees to suit their needs at any hierarchal level. We have worked with awide range of clients providing solutions such as sourcing the best candidates, providing a 360-degree human capital model,and more.

Recruitment & HR Consulting

We will assist you in identifying, selecting and recruiting employees for your roles. We will also provide you with recommendations on what positions to staff, how many employees should be required for each function, and how to integrate functions with multi-skilled talent. In addition, we will deliver all aspects of human resource management as an external provider, along with the functions associated with operating such a practice including Employee onboarding, contracts and human resource management.

Employee Procedures

Employee policies and procedures are descriptions of how all employees, regardless of job description or title, are expected to conduct themselves. Employee policies and procedures are typically distributed to all employees in the form of a handbook. We will work with your company to create tailor-made employee procedures, integrating information related to your organisation’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format. The handbook will also function as a means of protecting your company against discrimination or unfair treatment claims.

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